Billy offers a bespoke wedding to suit personality, flair and style of each couple. Whether its a glistening pork spit in the vineyards, a traditional celebration or a luxurious cocktail party, Billy and his team will endeavour to make it unforgettable.


A large part of BillyDohnt...does revolves around being an exclusive caterer for high profile companies and establishments. Billy and his team deliver a level of professionalism and privacy whilst producing exceptional food. 


Private events from an intimate dinner to lavish birthday parties are aligned with our tailored menus to assure that this relationship between food and vision is a success.

Cooking Classes

BillyDohnt....does offers his services to venues which have an existing kitchen space suitable for cooking classes. Billy will engage the step by step process to confidently prepare those meals which you've always loved and wanted to master ....  and have a great time doing it! 


For the true meat lover or conscious farmer. Billy shows you that the secret to a great sausage is the perfect balance between different meats and herbs. This will elevate your knowledge into the perfect rustic, gourmet sausage. Minimum of 10 people.

Sausage Making Workshops
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